Thursday, August 16, 2012

The DramaRama of PBA Draft 2012

In any league in the world, the draft is always special. Why? Because of its thrill and excitement that cultivates the hearts and minds of every fans. You did not know who will be pick that night. In a scant adverb way, they are unfamiliar names that may bring big performance. It may triggered the league like Jeremy Lin. He is unnoticed and undrafted but he become famous in a desperate way.

Now, this coming Sunday, the first pay-for-play hoop league in Asia, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) will have an annual proceeding that will determine the future of the next James Yap, Mark Caguioa, Eric Menk, Bonel Balingit and even Robert Jaworski.

So far in my personal surfing on the forum sites, they are so many speculations/ rumors that may affect the career of is current players.

Basic argument is every season, they are many changes. Changes that might bring the best or worst. But one thing is for sure, EFFORT is still in the line.

In the league history, they are so many drama happened even after the draft night. I am very disappointed to the doings of Lina franchises that they give big names to the Goliath teams. Such as Arwind Santos, Jay Washington and Mark Cardona. All of this names mentioned is chosen by Air21 Express. Maybe SMC and MVP group detected the weakness of Lina franchise so they give up this ballers for their benefit.

If the PBA promotes fairness and competitive balance, I'll supposed that Air21 Express had at least two titles if they did not give-up Washington, Cardona and Santos in exchange of chunk of money.

On Sunday, I expect a lot of drama-rama here in the PBA. Trade, trade, trade... Like the Snow Badua tweeting in the last couple of weeks.

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